Seaside 2.9 Meeting in Bern

Seaside 2.9 Sprint Bern

Philippe and I spend the whole day pushing Seaside 2.9. To keep it short, just a short list of things we have been working on today:

  • Moved the optional Swazoo server adapter into a separate repository, so that LGPL (Swazoo) and MIT (Seaside) code don’t mix up.
  • Deleted some methods that were marked as deprecated since Seaside 2.7 (see the commit comment for details).
  • Finding a good design for the context refactoring, first on brown paper (we lack a white board) and then in code. All in a test-driven approach, of course.
  • Started to refactor several sub-systems that benefit from the new context implementation. This also involved getting rid of several instance-variables that don’t belong into WASession. There is still a long way to go here, but we are more than convinced that our solution will improve big parts of the Seaside architecture.
Posted by Lukas Renggli at 30 March 2008, 12:19 am with tags seaside, sprint link


I added the removed methods to the Migration Page.

Posted by Philippe Marschall at 30 March 2008, 4:08 pm link