Seaside 2.8 final


The final release of Seaside 2.8 has been announced:

"After a beta phase of two months we release the final version of Seaside 2.8. Most bugs fixed during this period were either long standing (already in 2.7), minor or portability related, together with the dozens of Seaside 2.8 applications already in production today this gives a pretty good feeling about this version. A special mention deserves Roger Whitney, thanks to him we went from 99 commented classes to 144."

This release brings major performance and memory improvements:

  • The rendering speed of an average page is up to "twice as fast" as with previous versions, because of the new character encoding architecture.
  • An average application requires up to "four times less memory" than with previous versions. The reason for this is the optimized object backtracking and the reduction of stored continuations.

Another big thing is the improved documentation. While before it was the exception that a class or a public method had a comment, this is now standard.

Together with Seaside, updated versions of Scriptaculous, Comet, and RSRSS have been published. All these Squeak packages can be downloaded from SqueakMap as well as from Package Universe. This Seaside release is also available for Cincom VisualWorks and GemStone Smalltalk.

Posted by Lukas Renggli at 28 October 2007, 7:51 pm with tags seaside link