Seaside Sprint Amsterdam Wrap-up

The Seaside Sprint in Amsterdam was a big success. We fixed more than 20 open issues from the bug tracker and did some important refactorings to the code base. We also openend a few new issues that we discovered while working on the code.


Friday after-noon we spent in Café Kobalt. They were a bit annoyed by all the "geeks" occupying many of their tables with laptops. So we moved on and spent Friday evening and the whole Saturday at the public Library of Amsterdam. The library is in a modern building, they provide free internet access, and have several cafes and a nice restaurant on top of the building with a marvellous view over Amsterdam. The library provided everything we could wish for. Some more details can be found in Weekly Squeak.


Here is a non-exhaustive and unordered list of things we have been working on during the sprint. A complete listing of actions can be found in the archive of the Seaside developer mailing-list.

  • We introduced a WAObject class. This avoids many duplicated methods related to object initialization throughout the whole code-base.
  • We renamed #toString to #seasideString. This is an internal change and should avoid unnecessary conflicts with existing code.
  • We introduced WARequestFilter, a decoration around request handlers such as dispatchers, applications or sessions. This solves some problem related to callback processing, simplifies and reduces the overal code-size.
  • We resolved some nasty dependencies between packages.
  • We investigated different solutions for a generic approach to get rid of _s and _k, if these parameters are not strictly required.
  • We resolved some invalid XHTML that was produced in some components rendering form tags.
  • We improved the configuration interface to take advantage of the new implementation.
  • We added many new tests.
Posted by Lukas Renggli at 1 September 2008, 10:36 am with tags seaside, sprint link


How can I install Seaside29 in a new squeak 3.10 image?

Posted by Leo at 1 September 2008, 9:05 pm link

It is complicated and requires some patience. We will provide an automatic installer (and ready made images) with the first alpha releases. For now there is a detailled description on how to load in the code repository.

Posted by Lukas Renggli at 1 September 2008, 11:03 pm link